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Good Intentions Book Review

READ REVIEW 7 GOOD INTENTIONS by Kasim Ali ‧ RELEASE DATE: March 8, 2022 A debut novel that suggests the term "star-crossed romance" may just be a way of pinning on the innocent cosmos the damage we do ourselves, without meaning to. Nur is a young Brit, eldest son in a close-knit family of Pakistani immigrants.

  • Deftly transporting readers between that first night and the years beyond, Kasim Ali's GOOD INTENTIONS exposes with unblinking authenticity the complexities of immigrant families and racial prejudice. It is a crackling, wryly clever depiction of standing on the precipice of adulthood, piecing together who it is you’re meant to be. Good Intentions

  • This seems pretty much a recurring theme, but this book knocks that on the head with a sledge hammer. There is no fighting or wild tempers. The people concerned in an emotional situation are educated, kind and have loving families. but the tension is there and it steadily escalates.

  • Good Intentions effortlessly conveys the conflict that so many young people go through between being respectful of the tradition and family values they were brought up with, and carving their own place in the world. But how many people in the family do we know who are married to Black people. It’s just harder.

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