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Zlaiannah Gameroom Review & How To Play Video

Serbian reviewer Zlaiannah Gameroom recently released a follow on review post for UFO Wave including a lovely little How To Play video. If you're on Instagram check out the post at

If you don't use Instagram, here's the video and accompanying words...

"De-classified information

After more play of this cool little game we've come to a conclusion that it definitely is otherworldly. The graphical side of the game really nice and tight. Mechanism is well tested, put in together and mashed up into a great card game. Well balanced and quick to play. We've really enjoyed our time with it and are sure to play it a lot more in the future.

Like we've mentioned in our first impressions post - the game reminds us mostly of Guillotine. It is a fast paced party game about extra terrestrials visiting Earth. We've explained some fundamentals in our video, but there's a bit more to the game where you need to combine the Plan cards to make them more 'interesting', humans on the scan line are mostly a nuisance except the Believers. Each Species have their own special abilities who aid you through the course of the game. And it's all about choosing the right card combinations to make the most of the situation.

The game ends when you deplete the scan and then you count the positive negative ET points and who's got the most of them is the winner.

You can feel that this whole package is made with love for the subject and the games. Like some would like to say - from gamers to gamers.

So, the main question is, would we recommend this game?

The answer is simply yes. You should get this game and play it a lot because it's a good party game and also a good entry game into a game night.


-Cool design

-Balanced mechanics

-Quick party game to play (for those who like)

-Good thing in small package (great for Game Travel Kit)

-Good replayability


-Quick party game to play (for those who dislike)

-We didn't get to meet any alien to play this game with"

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