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Zlaiannah Gameroom First Impressions

Serbian tabletop game reviewer Zlaiannah Gameroom has released a first impressions post of UFO Wave on their Instagram profile, including some fun pictures. If you use Instagram be sure to follow them @zlaiannah.gameroom and check out their post here:

Don't use Instagram? No problem! Here's one of the photos and the wording of their post...

"These are our first impressions of UFO Wave. Game currently live of Kickstarter and funded under 3 days time!

It was kindly sent over by @ufowavegame so we can share our otherworldly experiences with this card game.

As we swept through the short but thorough rules, little did we know that this is one of those games that should fit in that pocket near the heart. Our knowledge of the UFO Wave itself was a bit limited on purpose because we didn't want to be biased when getting the feel of the game. The theme is just up Z's alley because he's read up as much as possible about aliens and had some encounters (sadly from afar) while being a kid. Even Ana saw some UFO dancing lights in the sky some 10 years ago while she was at a concert with friends.

The coolness of the game is that the players are in the roles of Aliens visiting Earth.

The game has three types of cards - Species - AKA - you the player abilities determining cards; Scan - Activities which you can encounter on your visit along with Events which happen to all players, and those simple Humans which are always watching you; and finally Plan cards which are aiding Crafts and abilities which can modify the play to help you push the balance of the game in your favor (if played right).

Although it says 30 minutes on the box, the two of us played about 15 minutes the first time, and less than that for the second time when we got the hang of it! We can't wait to play it with our friends as it feels it can be a really fast-paced party game.

For now, the game really reminds us of Guillotine and @whokilledgranny in the best way possible. The artwork is great, the puns at their place and mechanics are simple yet have room for lots of strategizing."

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