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UFO Wave Virtual Playtest Video

Due to the current situation it's been difficult to film full playtests of UFO Wave with other gamers. However we've now fully developed a virtual version of the game on Tabletop Simulator, the PC board and card game creation software available on Steam. This has allowed us to play the game remotely with others and to record the footage. So here, for the first time, is a full playthrough of a game of UFO Wave! In this extended video, in which Dave from Paradigm Games plays the game with four of his gaming friends, you'll not only see how UFO Wave plays, but also learn all about the rules and mechanics through the detailed discussion which ensues!

Going forward Dave will be organising further Tabletop Simulator sessions, so keep an eye out for special invites open to all subscribers to the website. If you don't already own it you'll need TTS to get involved, search for it on Steam.

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