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UFO Wave Live On Kickstarter!

UFO Wave: The Tactical Card Game Of Alien Supremacy by Paradigm Games has now gone live on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter! Click on the below link to head to the page, check out the Reward Levels and make your pledge.

There are early bird rewards for initial backers, so if you want to purchase the game for either yourself or friend/family pledge fast to be in with a chance of getting a reduced cost!

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter and want to know more about how it works click here

As you are probably aware, UFO Wave is a strategic competitive card game for 1-6 players Age 8+ entirely themed on the subject of UFOs and aliens. Designed by Dave Hodrien, an active UK UFO investigator, and with artwork by a genuine witness from the USA, it's the most authentic portrayal of the UFO subject ever seen in a tabletop game! With easy to understand rules suitable for family play, it's accessible, streamlined and above all fun!

On the Kickstarter page you'll be able to see all the wonderful stretch goals we have planned! These will start to unlock once the game reaches its funding goal. The more backers there are, the more everyone will receive!

Like the look of the game but don't really play tabletop games yourself? We are aiming to get the game shipped out by early December, so it'll make the perfect Christmas gift!

Please help spread the word, we need support from both gaming and UFO communities to make this a reality! Forward this E-Mail, make a fuss on social media, whatever you like!

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