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UFO Wave Giveaway Competition!

Hi site subscribers! Thanks for your interest in UFO Wave, which will be launching on Kickstarter on 29th July. To celebrate the imminent launch of the game we are running a giveaway competition with two prizes up for grabs by one lucky winner. Firstly there's a signed framed copy of the box art signed by both the creator of UFO Wave and the artist, a truly wonderful collectors piece I'm sure you'll agree. Secondly the winner will receive a copy of the game itself once it gets successfully funded on Kickstarter!

If you've joined our Facebook page UFO Wave Community, or follow us on Instagram @ufowavegame you may already be aware of this competition, but if not now's your chance to be a part of it and enter to win these great prizes.We've teamed up with popular game blogger Beersboardsandbeards to run the giveway. There's a number of entry requirements which are listed in his post relating to the competition. Track him down on Instagram @beersboardsandbeards or on Facebook and check out his recent posts to find the details.

Good luck!

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