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The Treasure Belle UFO Wave Review

Treasure Belle from Canada has been checking out one of the prototypes for UFO Wave recently. She has just released a review of the game with some great photographs on Instagram. If you use it head on over to and check it out. Be sure to follow her @the_treasure_belle too for some fun posts!

If you don't use Instagram here's the review with the first of the images:

I am really grateful to have had an opportunity to be part of the UFO Wave review team. The designer, Dave Hodrien, is a UFO enthusiast and his passion is infectious. The game is peppered with UFO lore and it has reignited my interest in the unknown.

In UFO Wave, each player is one of six unique alien species. On their turn, a player plays Plan cards from their hand and then takes a card from the play area referred to as the Scan. Plan cards add complexity to the game as they can be used to help yourself or hinder your opponents. The plan deck includes power cards as well as craft cards that enhance your powers. The right combination can make for some well thought out, high-impact turns.

Scan cards are collected to accumulate points, but they can also attract negative attention from humans who may be watching your alien activity. Players may choose not to take a card and instead lead a human from the Scan to an opponent, clearing up the playable area for future rounds and sabotaging their opponents. These decisions can be tricky though, as more than one human may be watching!

I really enjoy this game. While it is simple to learn, players are constantly faced with tough decisions. You have to stay on your toes, or you may find that the humans are onto you. It is incredibly fun to watch players try to sabotage each other and then to laugh when the tables are quickly turned. The size of the box is wonderful and it is actually durable (none of that flimsy cardboard) which makes it amazing for portability and park hangouts. The cards are colorful and intriguing. Setup is very quick making it a great game to kickoff your night.

🛸 Don't miss this coming out on Kickstarter July 29th! There are some sweet reward levels including a very nice playmat that I have my eye on.

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