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The Anomaly Event Competition Results

The last stretch goal we managed to unlock during the UFO Wave Kickstarter campaign was The Anomaly - an Event card with a difference! The final title and effect of this card would be chosen by the backers themselves, who over several weeks submitted their entries via E-Mail.

Now that the campaign has ended we have chosen the winning entry for the competition. We decided to go with "Invasion Master Plan" by Graham Pearson. When this Event is drawn the top card of the Plan deck is turned over. From this point on the top card will always be visible. On a player's turn when they draw a Plan card they can either take the seen one on the top of the deck, or the unseen card on the bottom of the deck!

We really liked this particular entry due to the fact that it was a permanent change for the remainder of the game, and was quite different to the other 14 existing Events.

Below is a mock up of the winning card which will be included in the production version of the game...

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