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Tabletop Simulator Go Live

Hi all, big news this evening! We've now made the virtual version of UFO Wave on Tabletop Simulator fully available and free to play up until the Kickstarter launch in order to play-test and get feedback. If you have TTS be sure to check it out. You can play it solo, with friends or random strangers you find on there!

The TTS version of UFO Wave comes with a scripted setup button. Simply press it once all players are seated and everything will be ready to go. Check out the in-built manual for rules of play.

If you don't currently own Tabletop Simulator it can be purchased off Steam for £15 / $20. Not only will you get a chance to play UFO Wave, but there's also a load of other games on there. You can even try making your own!

If you are a reviewer and would like to do a review of the game using the TTS version please get in touch to discuss. Please direct any feedback to

We hope you have a great time with it and enjoy trying out UFO Wave!

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