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Saggyhead UFO Wave Preview

UK tabletop game reviewer Saggyhead has written a nice preview of UFO Wave which can be read on her Instagram profile at the below link:

Be sure to follow her @saggyhead for regular posts. If you don't use Instagram here's the post wording:

"UFO WAVE is a light quick game designed by David Hodrien that I got to preview ahead of the Kickstarter starting in July. He is an active ufologist and designed the family weight card game with a theme he is passionate about

The game is kind of Fluxx esque, draw a card and then play as many cards as you like. Then take scan card and add it to your points pile to be counted at the end It is pretty take that and you are trying to accrue as many points as possible whilst avoiding human cards. Players have asymmetric player powers by playing as different species which give a bit more depth to the strategy, taking what's good for you may reveal something amazing for your opponent.

Follow @ufowavegame to get updates on how the Kickstarter is progressing."

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