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Rolling Ones UFO Wave Review

Rolling Ones from Ireland have now released a short review of UFO Wave including some photographs after being sent one of the prototypes. If you use Instagram check it out at the below link and follow @rolling_1s_game_reviews

If you don't have Instagram here's one of the photos from the review and the wording...

"This is UFO Wave from @ufowavegame.

This is a great little card game where you play as one of 6 species. Play your Plan Cards to preform activities, steal points from opponents or avoid human witnesses. The Scan Cards provide the activities to help you score points, humans that may get in your way and also Events, which affect all players and may completely change the course of the game!!

I loved this and for me, who grew up watching UFO movies and reading magazines about supernatural phenomena, this really had a great nostalgic feeling to it. I mean who doesn’t want to play as a Grey, steal cattle, avoid the Men in Black, create some crop circles and abduct some humans?!

This will be launched on Kickstarter on Thursday 29th of July. Get your tractor beams locked on to this one."

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