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No Ordinary Meeple Review

On Saturday tabletop game reviewers No Ordinary Meeple (@no.ordinary.meeple) visited the UFO Wave stand at the UK Games Expo! After having a natter and an extremely competitive two player go at the game, they have now written a short review giving their thoughts on Instagram! Check it out at the below address...

If you don't use Instagram here's the review and photos.

"Really great to meet Dave and Tasha from @ufowavegame on Friday @ukgamesexpo

Fantastic to see this game succeed through to #stretchgoals and beyond on #Kickstarter.

The theme shines through from the engaging artwork and playing this 1v1 was an absolute blast!

It’s clever, fun and very well thought out! The playmat adds to the overall theme and you guys have done an awesome job and thoroughly deserve the rewards.

Looking forward to more stretch goals being added during the rest of the campaign.

Top Job!"

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