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Never Bored Of Board Games Review

Never Bored Of Board Games, reviewers from Canada, have released a review of UFO Wave on their Instagram profile, along with some nice photographs.

If you use Instagram, click below to check out the post, and be sure to follow @neverboredofboardgames.

If you don't use Instagram, here's one of the photos and the wording from the review.

"UFO Wave is a fun, out of this world, tactical card game of alien supremacy.

Each player in UFO wave is a different alien species attempting to perform activities and gain the most ET points. Each species has a specific type or colour activity which gains them extra points.

The activity cards are taken from a face up row of 7 cards, named the scan, in the centre of the table and placed in front of you.

The plan cards in your hand allow you to interact with other players and the scan for your benefit. These cards have a basic ability or a more powerful ability that require craft cards to be played at the same time. Or you can save your craft cards to get rid of watching humans that have negative effects.

Aliens and UFOs are not a theme we would normally be drawn to, but we still enjoyed playing UFO Wave. It’s family friendly, easy to learn and fast to play with plenty of player interaction. We loved reading the comedy value quotes on the bottom of each card.

Thanks to the UFO Wave team for kindly sending us a review copy of their game to share with you. The Kickstarter campaign is currently live and fully funded, check out the link to the campaign in the bio of @ufowavegame

The game was designed by an active UFO investigator from the UK and the quirky cartoon artwork done by a UFO witness from the USA.

UFO Wave (2021)

1-6 players

Age: 8+

Our playing time: 25 minutes

Designer: Dave Hodrien

Publisher: Paradigm Games"

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