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Meals And Meeples UFO Wave Review

Prototypes of UFO Wave are still making their way round the UK, USA, Canada and Serbia. Recently Canadian reviewer Meals And Meeples released a great review of the game including photos. If you use Instagram click below to check it out and be sure to follow her @meals_and_meeples:

If you don't use Instagram, here's one of the photos and the review wording...

"In UFO Wave by @paradigmgamesuk, you take on the role of an alien species orbiting the earth in your spaceship. Your goal is to perform activities that will grant you ET points, all while avoiding those pesky humans watching you from the ground!

On your turn, you draw one Plan card, then you may play as many Plan cards as you wish. These allow you to manipulate the Scan (the cards representing what you can see from your spaceship) or the alien opponents in the ship around you. Using craft cards, you can enhance the strength of the actions you are taking. Additionally, each alien species can automatically activate the advanced powers of a specific type of Plan card. In the action phase, you must perform one activity in the Scan or lead a human to an opponent. However, you also absorb any energy (positive or negative) adjacent to the card you choose to interact with, and also attract the attention of any nearby humans. Once the Scan deck is depleted, the player with the most ET points wins!

This game is honestly so much fun, and I love the unique mechanic of interacting with the Scan cards. Set-up is quick, and it’s very easy to learn. The artwork is vibrant and cartoony, and the cards contain hilarious flavor text that gives the game a goofy feel. Despite this, there is still strategy involved. To come out ahead, you have to consider whether to go for the higher ET value activities and risk attracting negative energy or the attention of humans, manage your plan cards, and pay attention to what’s happening with the aliens around you. Check out UFO Wave if you enjoy light, card driven strategy games with a bit of luck and plenty of humor!

What also makes UFO Wave unique is that it was designed by UFO expert, Dave Hodrien, with artwork from a genuine UFO witness. Keep those antennas on high alert - UFO Wave comes to Kickstarter NEXT WEEK on Thursday, July 29!

Thank you to @ufowavegame for the review copy and to @the_treasure_belle for sending news of this great game from your spaceship!"

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