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Kickstarter Overview

So what's this Kickstarter thing all about, why can't I just purchase the game right now? Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website which is designed to enable the launch of new products. In order to create UFO Wave it'll need to be manufactured in bulk to make it commercially viable. We do not have enough money to do this directly, and this is where Kickstarter comes in. Once the official launch period begins next year you will be able to back the game via the site. If enough people back the game then the money will be collected and the game will then be manufactured and sent out to backers as soon as possible (You'll be kept informed of progress via regular updates). We'll be shipping internationally. If not enough people back it then it won't be possible to make it, so if you're interested in getting UFO Wave we're hoping you'll help it become a reality via the Kickstarter launch. There'll be benefits to purchasing it via this method too....if enough people back it "stretch goals" will start to unlock - additional bonuses for all backers! Subscribe to the site for updates, we'll let you know when launch date is approaching.

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