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Happy Meeples UFO Wave Review

A wonderful review of UFO Wave by Happy Meeples from the USA. If you use Instagram follow them for some ace content @happymeeples

A week ago a package arrived on our doorstep. It was small and brown with a unique scent. We knew it wasn’t something from this world, but from a place far, far away. After much consideration, we opened the box and sure enough it came from the one they call Bob, one of the many species that love to interact with our planet. Bob’s mission was to let us know about the tactical card game coming to Kickstarter on July 29th, called UFO Wave!

👥1-6 Players 👥 Ages 8+ 👥 30 min

In this unique card game, players are becoming one with the alien species by collecting ET points. The setup is straightforward with three types of cards, Scan, Plan and Species. After each player is given a species card, the scan line is dealt face up with seven cards. These cards represent what you can see in the general vicinity. The scan deck is then shuffled with two event cards and will make a draw pile for filling in the scan line. Deal out five plan cards to each player and then place them above the scan line just like the scan deck. The player who has most recently seen a UFO goes first.

Taking a turn is very simple, draw a card and play as many cards from your hand as you like. Then the action phase occurs where players will choose an activity to add to their points or lead a human to an opponent. Finally, discard down to the appropriate hand size. The game will end when the scan deck is non-existent and scoring will begin.

Overall, this game was easy to setup and to learn. The details stood out to us from the cute icons on the box to the rulebook with a humor twist. This game was developed by Chairman of the Birmingham UFO Group and illustrated by an actual UFO witness. As competitive players we enjoyed the sabotage in the game. Keep a lookout for this game coming to Kickstarter soon! Thank you to @ufowavegame for sending this to us to play and @eater_of_meeples for helping organize!

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