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Eater Of Meeples UFO Wave Recommendation

Tabletop game reviewer Eater Of Meeples from New Mexico has released a new Instagram post recommending UFO Wave to the gaming community. After checking it out directly he's definately a fan! If you too want to try out the game pre-release it's free to play on Tabletop Simulator at the moment, and we'll also be at the UK Games Expo taking place at Birmingham from 30th July - 1st August. If these options aren't available to you we're hoping the huge number of positive reviews and comments received over recent months are enough to guarantee your pledge when we launch on Kickstarter on 29th July!

If you have Instagram click on the link to check it out directly, otherwise the post is replicated below.

"Looking for an awesome card game where you play as a species of alien?? Look no further!

@ufowavegame is designed by an actual UFO investigator and the art is beautifully crafted by an actual UFO witness.

Dave Hodrien is the creator and I can tell you first hand that he absolutely loves our gaming community as he is an avid gamer himself!

His life, his love, and all of his passion was put into this game and it truly shows!

I am certainly very excited for UFO Wave to invade Kickstarter on July 29th!"

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