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Eater Of Meeples Promotional Post

Awesome US game reviewer Eater Of Meeples has once again bigged up UFO Wave on his profile @eater_of_meeples! You can check out the post directly here...

If you don't use Instagram, here's the post wording and associated prototype box photograph...

"Hey there friends!!! A few months ago, I reviewed a copy of UFO Wave by @paradigmgamesuk and it was truly such a blast!!!!

The creator (Dave Hodrien) is an actual UFO investigator who's passion and love for the topic of ufology is certainly evident in the making of this game. He has spoken at many conventions, has investigated over 1,000 sightings, and has written numerous articles and case reports on the subject.

The game played terrific solo and even with my family who really aren't into board games! They really loved it and it will be a great addition to our collection.

The Kickstarter goes live on July 29th. I will be backing it for sure and also getting the beautifully crafted game mat!!!"

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