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Dice In The Dark - First Impressions (Part 2)

Reviewer DiceInTheDark has now released the second part of their first impressions look at UFO Wave on Instagram. If you are able to, click the below link to access it:

They've allowed me to reproduce the wording for those of you not on Instagram:

"This is the second part of my preview of UFO WAVE (@ufowavegame) which is coming to Kickstarter soon.

In UFO Wave, you play as one of a number of alien races that are visiting Earth in their flying saucers.

One of the key features of the game is “The Scan”, which is a line of cards that represent what is visible from your spacecraft.

On your turn you’ll be taking cards from The Scan to perform activities such as abductions and creating crop circles in order to gain ET points. You’ll also be playing cards from your hand to perform special powers. Each power has two abilities on it: a basic and advanced power. Powers can be played alongside Craft cards which allow you to activate the advanced version of the ability. Some races are more adept at certain things, and so when they play powers of a certain type they are automatically boosted to their advanced version, which is a nice mechanic.

If there are any humans in The Scan, they will observe you if you perform an activity next to their location. Often the humans are people like the Men in Black or the military, which will lead to negative points at the end of the game.

UFO Wave is an enjoyable little game. It plays quickly and each turn gives you some good tactical choices. The theme is interesting and brought to life by nice, characterful art. The background of the game is rooted in real life UFO research, which I think adds a cool extra layer of intrigue and depth to the game.

I was very kindly provided a preview copy of this game by @ufowavegame. UFO Wave comes to Kickstarter 30th July 2021."

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