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Casual Cardboarder UFO Wave Review

US game reviewer Casual Cardboarder has recently released a short review of UFO Wave including a nice selection of photographs. If you're on Instagram be sure to check out his profile @casualcardboarder and click below to visit the review post:

If you don't use Instagram, below is one of the photos and the wording of the review...

"UFO Wave is a tactical card game that pits 1 – 6 alien species against one another to learn as much as they can while visiting Earth and dealing with those pesky humans. The species that completes the most tasks while visiting, wins!

First the disclaimer, a copy of this game was provided for review. Again, I wouldn’t post something if I didn’t like it.

UFO Wave starts with a row of cards representing the “Scan” which consists of everything in view of your ship. This includes activities, humans, and energy, which can all be used to add to your score or detract from others. Everyone draws a “Plan” which make up your hand. These cards are abilities and technology that allow you to interact with the Scan.

Players take turns utilizing their cards to perform activities like an abduction or making crop circles, find helpful humans, getting cornered by the Men in Black, or use powers to get the upper hand (or claw, depending on the species). Once the scan deck is depleted, players tally their ET points and the person with the most wins!

There’s loads of variety with the randomness of the deck which makes for great amounts or replayability.


- Super easy to learn

- Great for all ages

- Pocket sized box makes for a great travel game.


- Kickstarter doesn’t launch until 7/29 so you have to wait a little longer! See the link in the comments

Players: 1 – 6

Playtime: 30-minutes

Ages: 8+

Created by Dave Hodrien @paradigmgamesuk @ufowavegame"

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