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Boarding School With Brandi UFO Wave Review

Boarding School With Brandi from the USA has now released a great review of UFO Wave on Instagram. If you use it follow her for regular reviews @boarding_school_with_brandi and check out the review here...

If not, below is the wording of the review...

I have been so exited to try this game out since I found out I would have to opportunity!! I may or may not be a bit of an alien 👽 enthusiast (thanks #closeencountersofafifthkind) and this little baby was right up my alley!!

First things first, this game sets up in seconds, sort a few cards, shuffle and deal your scan row and starting plan cards and you are set! I think it took a total of 15 minutes for Matt and I to both look over the rulebook and we were off!

In this card drafting game you are picking up cards from a 7 card wide scan row that has activities, humans and powers displayed randomly. From it, you’re drafting the activities to gain points, and depending on their position in the row, you may attract attention from a human or accumulate a power, either of which could help or harm you, depending on the card!

Depending on the level of complexity you want in your game, you may also play with Species cards that give you added benefits in the final scoring as well as when you’re playing your plan cards. I decided to play with the hybrid species and stacked up four Recon activities for 8 bonus points, and I even sent some nasty humans to watch @matt_90s_seuss but I couldn’t get the W, he beat me 44 to 39!!

This game is one I can see myself having in my purse to teach friends quickly at a game night, you guys know how much I love a quick card game!! Overall I enjoyed the experience and I’ll be marking my calendar for @ufowavegame to launch their @kickstarter on July 29th!!

Ps. Did I forget the mention the playmat it’s gonna have on KS? Because setup needed to be more convenient 😍

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