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Adventures With Karyn Parents & Kids Thoughts

We've designed UFO Wave to be family friendly and suitable for older children as well as adults. So we were delighted to see the kids of Canadian reviewer Adventures With Karyn giving their personal thoughts on the game in addition to their own comments! If you're on Instagram follow them @adventureswithkaryn and check out the two below posts...

Parents Thoughts

Kids Thoughts

If you don't use Instagram, here's the two posts with an example photograph taken from each.

"We got to join the lucky few Canadian board gamers that got to play & review @ufowavegame before launch. Today we are sharing our thoughts on this wonderful game that was FULLY FUNDED in 3 days. You still have time to back this project and help unlock NEW stretch goals, next up is upgraded card stock for the cards!

Parent Thoughts:

@ufowavegame by @paradigmgamesuk is an easy to learn, fast paced card game that is great for those nights you don't have a lot of time or want to fit in multiple rounds in one night.

The style of the artwork creates an immersive UFO themed game. Our favourite design has to be the bright colours of the event cards.

The power cards that you draw from the plan deck are the main mechanism in the game. These cards can either be used to give you an advantage or foil your opponents plans. This interactivity provides a fun and engaging dynamic between players.

Overall this is a great family friendly game that kids (young and old) can pick up and get right into. If your family is competitive like ours, UFO will bring this out of your group each time!"

"As we mentioned in our parent review, @ufowavegame by @paradigmgamesuk is a great family game. So here are the big kids thoughts on the game:"

Nixson: "UFO Wave is really exciting. I love being able to play as an alien and terrorize humanity. I like that there is some risk involved when trying to get the higher scoring activity cards. You may get stuck with negative energy or even a human you don't want. I also like the randomized event cards that get added, that way you cant plan for the cards and are caught by surprise each time!"

Summer: "UFO Wave is great for a family game night. Quick set up and game play make it a great addition to any collection. UFO Wave gets really fun when you get a human card you weren't planning on having because you have to figure out how to deal with the consequences. I would definitely recommend this game to kids my age (9) because it gets your brain thinking about what the cards do and when to play them."

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