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UFO Wave was successfully funded via the crowdfunding website Kickstarter earlier this year. The campaign ended on 27th August. The pledge manager for the game is now live on Gamefound. If you are unaware of what this is or how it all works, read on!



Gamefound ( is a website designed to sell tabletop games and provide designers with a way of managing pledges from other sites such Kickstarter. Manufacturers only create games in bulk, which allows the costs to be reduced to an affordable level. Therefore, in order to make a new game, a large sum of money is usually required. The creators behind UFO Wave at Paradigm Games did not have this money to put down directly. This is where Kickstarter came in.

The campaign for UFO Wave  was scheduled to run from 29th July to 27th August 2021. During this period people were able to visit the campaign page and see lots of information about the game. They were also given the chance to make a pledge. This was essentially a promise that if the game was successfully funded they will back it. At the end of the campaign period the money was collected from all the  backers at once.

People were able to pledge at a number of different levels, called Rewards. These were listed out on the campaign page. There was an optional play mat, discounts for multiple purchases and even an option for a customizable box.


The funding goal for UFO Wave was reached within 3 days of the campaign starting. After this stretch goals started to unlock. These were additional bonus freebies obtainable via the Kickstarter. The more people who backed the game , the more stretch goals unlocked. At the end of the campaign period the money was collected off all the backers and sent directly to Paradigm Games.

The Pledge Manager for UFO Wave is now live on Gamefound. This gives the backers of the game the chance to confirm their orders and also pay the necessary. However, if you missed the campaign you can still back the game via Gamefound and get in on the initial shipment right up to the cut-off date of 7th November. We aim to have the game with everyone by mid-December.

The Pledge Manager for UFO Wave can still be viewed at the below link:


If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch on and we’ll get back to you.

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