In UFO Wave there are three decks - Species, Scan and Plan

At the start of the game each player chooses a species. Each one has its own agendas and advantages

A line of Scan cards represents what you can see in your vicinity. You can find activities to be performed, humans who are usually out to stop you, energy which can be absorbed and one-off events which affect all players!

Everyone draws a starting hand of Plan cards. This represents the abilities and technology you are planning to use to get the better of your opponents.

On a typical turn the player draw a Plan card, then plays as many cards as they wish...

Power cards can be used to affect the Scan or players in a variety of ways. They have two levels - Basic and Advanced

Craft cards can be played to activate a power's advanced level. They can also be used to get rid of watching humans

Lastly the player either performs an Activity on the Scan or leads a Human to a player of their choice.

Once there are no Scan cards left everyone adds up their score. Whoever gets the most points is the


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