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UFO Wave featured in the sci-fi episode of Tabletop Talks on the Tabletop Simulator blog after they found out that a virtual version of UFO Wave had been created!




"I’ve very kindly been sent a preview copy of UFO WAVE @ufowavegame which is coming to Kickstarter soon.

In UFO Wave, you play as one of a number of alien races that are visiting Earth in their spacecraft.

I think it’s a cool theme, and it’s one that I’ve not seen much before, and so I was keen to try it out. The designer is a real life UFO researcher, which I think means the game comes from a really interesting place. The idea that it’s based on actual accounts and research is certainly an intriguing angle.

Each turn you’ll be performing activities from your flying saucer such as abducting humans and creating crop circles. These activities grant you ET points, and the person with the most ET points at the end of the game is the winner. As you perform your activities there’s a chance that nearby humans will observe you, which can often lead to a point reduction at the end of the game.

I think it’s a fun little game. The theme comes out well, and there’s some interesting mechanics regarding how cards are played and taken.

I’ll be taking a deeper look at UFO Wave again soon, but in the mean time, head to @ufowavegame to keep an eye on updates. UFO Wave comes to Kickstarter 29th July 2021."




"Advertising feature - UFO Wave is a new family strategy card game from first time designers @paradigmgamesuk You can follow their upcoming Kickstarter here @ufowavegame

We were lucky enough to have the chance to play a preview copy and had so much fun with it. It’s such a simple game to learn and play. But there are so many options of what and how to play.

I love the art and theme. I’ve always been fascinated with space and what is out there. Ever since watching the X files as a kid.

What do you think? Are we alone?

Head to WhatBoardGame for a full Kickstarter preview for UFO Wave and why not sign up to their Kickstarter page for more info."







"This is the second part of my preview of UFO WAVE (@ufowavegame) which is coming to Kickstarter soon.

In UFO Wave, you play as one of a number of alien races that are visiting Earth in their flying saucers.

One of the key features of the game is “The Scan”, which is a line of cards that represent what is visible from your spacecraft.

On your turn you’ll be taking cards from The Scan to perform activities such as abductions and creating crop circles in order to gain ET points. You’ll also be playing cards from your hand to perform special powers. Each power has two abilities on it: a basic and advanced power. Powers can be played alongside Craft cards which allow you to activate the advanced version of the ability. Some races are more adept at certain things, and so when they play powers of a certain type they are automatically boosted to their advanced version, which is a nice mechanic.

If there are any humans in The Scan, they will observe you if you perform an activity next to their location. Often the humans are people like the Men in Black or the military, which will lead to negative points at the end of the game.

UFO Wave is an enjoyable little game. It plays quickly and each turn gives you some good tactical choices. The theme is interesting and brought to life by nice, characterful art. The background of the game is rooted in real life UFO research, which I think adds a cool extra layer of intrigue and depth to the game.

I was very kindly provided a preview copy of this game by @ufowavegame. UFO Wave comes to Kickstarter 29th July 2021."




"In the upcoming Kickstarter, UFO Wave by @paradigmgamesuk, you play a species of alien and are striving for the most ET points.

As you complete actions, you will earn ET points, but the pesky humans will be watching you...
If you choose to instead, you can lead a human to an opponent. Muahaha!

The art in UFO Wave is out of this world! I am truly digging the art! I love it for sure!

Keep your eyes to the skies...first thoughts review coming soon!"




"Hey there my friends! I had an opportunity to give the prototype version of UFO Wave by @paradigmgamesuk a shot and now, I want to give you my first impression.

When you first look at the box, the first thing that pops out is the art! Anyone who knows me knows that I am just a sucker for great art and this game delivers! The box art and the card art are done super well! I am really digging the colors that were used and they really fit the theme of the game!

Setup was a breeze. You will have a Plan and a Scan deck face down. Plan cards are cards that you can play before you take your actions. Scan cards are cards that contain actions which will ultimately score you points (or hinder your score) at the end of the game. You will have a row of 7 scan cards face up. 5 Plan cards go into your hand and there you have it!

Ultimately, you are looking to score points by completely actions while keeping the humans at bay and staying away from the nasty negative effects.

UFO Wave was super fun! Playing solo today, I did miss out on the Events, playing with an alien species, and certain cards dedicated for additional players. I am super intrigued to really dive into this game with multiple players and discover the outer limits!

My overall score was an 84...1 point away from the gold level...

UFO Wave is designed by Dave Hodrien who is an actual UFO investigator and the art is done by an actual UFO Witness.

Full video and Instagram review coming soon.

UFO Wave will be live on Kickstarter July 29th!"






After trying out one of the prototypes of UFO Wave, Eater Of Meeples in New Mexico, USA is officially the first video reviewer of the game! Hear his thoughts on it below!




"UFO WAVE is a light quick game designed by David Hodrien that I got to preview ahead of the Kickstarter starting in July. He is an active ufologist and designed the family weight card game with a theme he is passionate about.

The game is kind of Fluxx esque, draw a card and then play as many cards as you like. Then take scan card and add it to your points pile to be counted at the end It is pretty take that and you are trying to accrue as many points as possible whilst avoiding human cards. Players have asymmetric player powers by playing as different species which give a bit more depth to the strategy, taking what's good for you may reveal something amazing for your opponent.

Follow @ufowavegame to get updates on how the Kickstarter is progressing."


A great Instagram video which shows off the art work of each of the cards in UFO Wave.




A short video showng the appearance of the Men In Black during a playtest of one of the prototypes.




"I have been so exited to try this game out since I found out I would have to opportunity!! I may or may not be a bit of an alien 👽 enthusiast (thanks #closeencountersofafifthkind) and this little baby was right up my alley!!

First things first, this game sets up in seconds, sort a few cards, shuffle and deal your scan row and starting plan cards and you are set! I think it took a total of 15 minutes for Matt and I to both look over the rulebook and we were off!

In this card drafting game you are picking up cards from a 7 card wide scan row that has activities, humans and powers displayed randomly. From it, you’re drafting the activities to gain points, and depending on their position in the row, you may attract attention from a human or accumulate a power, either of which could help or harm you, depending on the card!

Depending on the level of complexity you want in your game, you may also play with Species cards that give you added benefits in the final scoring as well as when you’re playing your plan cards. I decided to play with the hybrid species and stacked up four Recon activities for 8 bonus points, and I even sent some nasty humans to watch @matt_90s_seuss but I couldn’t get the W, he beat me 44 to 39!!

This game is one I can see myself having in my purse to teach friends quickly at a game night, you guys know how much I love a quick card game!! Overall I enjoyed the experience and I’ll be marking my calendar for @ufowavegame to launch their @kickstarter on July 29th!!

Ps. Did I forget the mention the playmat it’s gonna have on KS? Because setup needed to be more convenient 😍"




"I am really grateful to have had an opportunity to be part of the UFO Wave review team. The designer, Dave Hodrien, is a UFO enthusiast and his passion is infectious. The game is peppered with UFO lore and it has reignited my interest in the unknown.

In UFO Wave, each player is one of six unique alien species. On their turn, a player plays Plan cards from their hand and then takes a card from the play area referred to as the Scan. Plan cards add complexity to the game as they can be used to help yourself or hinder your opponents. The plan deck includes power cards as well as craft cards that enhance your powers. The right combination can make for some well thought out, high-impact turns.

Scan cards are collected to accumulate points, but they can also attract negative attention from humans who may be watching your alien activity. Players may choose not to take a card and instead lead a human from the Scan to an opponent, clearing up the playable area for future rounds and sabotaging their opponents. These decisions can be tricky though, as more than one human may be watching!

I really enjoy this game. While it is simple to learn, players are constantly faced with tough decisions. You have to stay on your toes, or you may find that the humans are onto you. It is incredibly fun to watch players try to sabotage each other and then to laugh when the tables are quickly turned. The size of the box is wonderful and it is actually durable (none of that flimsy cardboard) which makes it amazing for portability and park hangouts. The cards are colorful and intriguing. Setup is very quick making it a great game to kickoff your night.

🛸 Don't miss this coming out on Kickstarter July 29th! There are some sweet reward levels including a very nice playmat that I have my eye on. "



AZ Game Mom from Arizona, USA released a short video preview of UFO Wave in which she discusses the box and its contents and prepares for a game of it with her sons.

07/06/2021 - ROLLING ONES - REVIEW



"This is UFO Wave from @ufowavegame

This is a great little card game where you play as one of 6 species. Play your Plan Cards to preform activities, steal points from opponents or avoid human witnesses. The Scan Cards provide the activities to help you score points, humans that may get in your way and also Events, which affect all players and may completely change the course of the game!!

I loved this and for me, who grew up watching UFO movies and reading magazines about supernatural phenomena, this really had a great nostalgic feeling to it. I mean who doesn’t want to play as a Grey, steal cattle, avoid the Men in Black, create some crop circles and abduct some humans?!

This will be launched on Kickstarter on Thursday 29th of July. Get your tractor beams locked on to this one."




"A week ago a package arrived on our doorstep. It was small and brown with a unique scent. We knew it wasn’t something from this world, but from a place far, far away. After much consideration, we opened the box and sure enough it came from the one they call Bob, one of the many species that love to interact with our planet. Bob’s mission was to let us know about the tactical card game coming to Kickstarter on July 29th, called UFO Wave!  

👥1-6 Players 👥 Ages 8+ 👥 30 min

In this unique card game, players are becoming one with the alien species by collecting ET points. The setup is straightforward with three types of cards, Scan, Plan and Species.  After each player is given a species card, the scan line is dealt face up with seven cards. These cards represent what you can see in the general vicinity. The scan deck is then shuffled with two event cards and will make a draw pile for filling in the scan line. Deal out five plan cards to each player and then place them above the scan line just like the scan deck. The player who has most recently seen a UFO goes first.

Taking a turn is very simple, draw a card and play as many cards from your hand as you like. Then the action phase occurs where players will choose an activity to add to their points or lead a human to an opponent.  Finally, discard down to the appropriate hand size. The game will end when the scan deck is non-existent and scoring will begin.

Overall, this game was easy to setup and to learn.  The details stood out to us from the cute icons on the box to the rulebook with a humor twist. This game was developed by Chairman of the Birmingham UFO Group and illustrated by an actual UFO witness.   As competitive players we enjoyed the sabotage in the game. Keep a lookout for this game coming to Kickstarter soon!  Thank you to @ufowavegame for sending this to us to play and @eater_of_meeples for helping organize!"

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"Looking for an awesome card game where you play as a species of alien?? Look no further!

@ufowavegame is designed by an actual UFO investigator and the art is beautifully crafted by an actual UFO witness.

Dave Hodrien is the creator and I can tell you first hand that he absolutely loves our gaming community as he is an avid gamer himself!

His life, his love, and all of his passion was put into this game and it truly shows!

I am certainly very excited for UFO Wave to invade Kickstarter on July 29th!