UFO Wave


Hey, I'm Bob, and I'm here to tell you about UFO Wave™, the strategic card game for 1 to 6 players which is going to be available soon via Kickstarter! You and your opponents will each take command of an alien race visiting Earth. You'll be competing against one another to perform activities, while groups of humans do their best to put a stop to your plans. Can you use your advanced powers and craft to ensure your victory?

Blue Smoke


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UFO Wave™ is entirely themed on the phenomenon of UFOs and aliens! Designed from the ground up by an active UFO investigator and with artwork by an actual witness, it will be one of the most authentic portrayals of the

subject ever released - all wrapped up in a fun and easy to learn game that's suitable for both adults and children alike! You will believe...


Adam, 35

Gaming - Veteran

UFOs - Regular

“A straightforward game to teach and learn that forces you to make some interesting strategic decisions. The theme is well researched and implemented, and enhances game play. A great gateway game into more involved card games.”


Tired of games with over-complicated setups and pieces everywhere? Well don't panic, UFO Wave™ can be prepared in moments, and is played entirely

with decks of cards. It comes in a compact and sturdy box, meaning you can easily take it anywhere and get playing in no time! Whether you're a gaming regular with no knowledge of UFOs, or an expert on the subject but have never played a card game before there's much enjoyment to be had!

Blue Smoke

Enhance your UFO Wave experience with an official play mat featuring a detailed pattern of alien imagery!


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